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If you've always wanted to join a rowing team, this class is the place to start. Although there is no obligation to join the club, after completing Learn to Row, participants have the option to join the Minnesota Boat Club and continue rowing as a member of the Masters team.​ But, for now, this class will introduce you to all aspects of rowing technique.

We will start by teaching you good technique, and then (in the nicest possible way!) make sure you use it. We will also consistently use "real" rowing terminology so that if you do continue, you will already speak the language.  Understanding what your coach wants you to do is an essential first step towards being able to learn and adjust while out on the water. Once basic technique has been established on our indoor rowing machines, the class will move to the water where participants will progress their technique using our stable training boats. If participant technique and class timeline permits, the class will conclude with time in a real rowing shell!



  • Must be able to swim and/or tread water for at least 15 minutes.

2024 Schedule:

  • Session 1: May 20 - 22

  • Session 2: May 27 - 29

  • Session 3: May 30 - June 1

  • Session 4: June 3 - 5

  • Session 5: June 6 - 8

  • Session 6: June 10 - 12 

  • session 7: June 17 - 19

  • session 8: June 20 - 22

Note: Week Night Session 6-8pm, Weekend Sessions 9-11am


With the changing water levels on the Mississippi River, we have made the decision to reschedule the Junior Learn to Row sessions. The new dates will be one session containing three days of learning the basics of rowing: June 19, June 21, and June 23 from 3:45PM to 5:45PM each day. If your athlete loves rowing and decides to join the team after completing the sessions, then we're offering $100 off of the regular summer season fee!

One of our only home regattas (rowing races) will be on Saturday, June 17 at Lake Nokomis so if you're interested in seeing what our community is all about, please come and cheer on Minnesota Boat Club and see what racing looks like!"


Learn the basics of rowing!

Familiarizing participants with equipment, terms,  safety and rowing technique; starting indoors on the rowing machine and progressing to on-water rowing (time and weather permitting).

Schedule: [UPDATED]

  • June 19th, 21st, & 23rd from 9:00am to 11:00am




  • Must be able to swim and/or tread water for at least 15 minutes.


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