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For High School Learn to Row: click here.

​This year we are offering two types of rowing classes:  Learn to Row (which is a thorough introduction to the sport) and Taste of Rowing (a shorter, less intense class). There are normally 12 people per class. However, due to COVID-19 and social distancing protocols, we are only allowing 6 people per class.

Both classes begin indoors on our rowing machines, where we'll introduce you to rowing technique and basic terminology. Then, you'll have a chance to try your new skills in a team boat on the mighty Mississippi River! 

Our instructors are experienced rowers who will guide you through each step.

We look forward to seeing you on the water in 2020! 


Taste of Rowing classes are just that ... a taste! 

Once you've learned some basics indoors, you'll go out in our very stable training boat, also known as a rowing "barge".  It is wide enough that your coaches will be able to walk right down the middle and give you individual, hands-on instruction. You'll see the river and downtown St Paul from a new perspective, and share your experience with up to 11 other adventurous people.  This class is not a path to membership - it's designed to be a terrific, stand-alone experience.

Our Taste of Rowing classes are just 3 hours long, and you'll be amazed at how much you can learn in that time!  We have two Taste of Rowing classes on the calendar right now. Click the link below for the calendar and more information.


Learn to Row classes offer a thorough introduction to the sport of rowing, and we hope they can be a great way for you to join our club if you enjoy the sport. These classes start indoors and include time in our training boat or rowing "barge." We will also spend some time in the final days of the class in an 8-person rowing shell. This boat is long, heavy, narrow, tippy... and totally wonderful! This class will prepare you to join our novice team if you are interested.

Our Learn to Row classes meet 8 times over the course of 3 weeks (13 1/2 total hours).  It is important to attend all 8 days as the information each day builds on the previous day. 

Calendars and additional details can be found at the link below.


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