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1)   Membership Dues

Once you have read through the Membership Dues section, use the "Pay Dues Now" button to find the MBC TeamApp store.

TeamApp is a website and smartphone app that allows MBC members to submit payments, communicate with fellow members, and schedule practices. If you are new to the platform, you will need to set up an account and add Minnesota Boat Club to your clubs.  All information fields must be filled out in order for the request to be approved.

2)   Verify your USRowing membership and waiver status following the instructions below.

3)    Make sure MBC can communicate with you!

Read through the Communication section to make sure you're all set up to receive communication from MBC

4)   Need Rack Space?

Read through the 2023 requirement updates in the Rack Fees section before proceeding to the TeamApp store via the "Pay Rack Fees Now" button.


Membership Dues

2023 RATES

  • $985, Adult Programs (Masters, Novice, Open)*

  • $650, Adult Independent*

  • $500, Collegiate Summer (trains and competes with Open team)*

  • $400, 2023 Learn to Row graduate

  • $100, Associate Member

  • Juniors Program

    • $350, Spring (April 1 - May 27)​

    • $575, Summer (May 28 - August 20)

    • $475, Fall (August 27 - November 4)

    • $1400, Full Year (April 1 - November 4)


*​ Eligible for Volunteering Incentive

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Payment Plans


  • Give your time to the club and get back $100 of your membership dues -- see Volunteer Incentive section.

important information!

All dues must be paid in full by January 31st in order to:

  • Be a voting member at the Annual General Membership Meeting.

  • Access the boathouse.

  • Access Team App features outside of the store wherein membership dues and rack fees can be paid.

Rack Fees


  • $200 per rack space.


  • Prerequisites:

    • Individuals must get approval from the Equipment Committee chair prior to purchasing a rack space if not renewing a current rack space.

    • Must be a current MBC member in good standing.

  • Requirement:

Due to storage limitations the club is now expecting a boat be rowed a minimum of 6 times (~1 per month) over the season -- boat loaning is acceptable for meeting this requirement.  If the minimum is not met, the rack space may be forfeited and a refund will not be issued.

  • 2023 rack fees align with the calendar year (January 1 - December 31, 2023).


  • Disclaimer: rack fees do not guarantee a specific rack space location.


​​Due to storage limitations MBC is not accepting new double/pair rack space requests for the 2023 season. The 2023 season ends December 31, 2023, at which time MBC will re-evaluate it's ability to accommodate private doubles/pairs. The rack fee for doubles/pairs is currently $300 per space and will be subject to increase for the 2024 season.


For more information regarding storage of equipment, please fill out the Contact MBC form with the Subject of Inquiry as "Equipment Storage."


Volunteer Incentive Prog.

Give your time to the club and get back $100 of your membership dues.

To encourage membership participation in keeping our beloved boat club operational, MBC is offering it's members a $100 refund in exchange for 16 hours of volunteering throughout the calendar year (8 hours for non-board member committee chair). For over 150 years most members have given generously of their time and talent; our hope is to perpetuate that spirit and foster the sharing of knowledge so that future generations are able to keep the MBC tradition alive. 

The intention of this program is to spread out the workload necessary to keep the club operational by asking members to take on tasks above what is already expected  - see below for eligible tasks.

Eligible Tasks

  • Replacing worn out equipment on boats (e.g. shoes, tracks, wheels, etc.)

  • Rigging boats (e.g. re-pitching or repairing)

  • Painting oars

  • Cleaning ergs and oiling chains

  • Cleaning locker rooms

  • Sweeping boat bays

  • Vacuuming or mopping workout room

  • Setting up, working at and/or cleaning up after MBC events

  • Performing coach boat and/or trailer maintenance

  • Washing, folding, and restocking boathouse towels

  • Building and landscape maintenance

Non - Eligible Tasks

  • Docks in/out

  • Washing rowing shells and oars

  • Emergency evacuation of club equipment

  • Trailer loading/unloading for off-site rowing (e.g. regattas +/o training)

  • Rigging/derigging boats for off-site rowing (e.g. regattas +/o training)

  • Attending committee meetings


Who is eligible to earn a refund ($100) of their membership?

All those who signed up as “Adult Program”, “Adult Independent”, “Collegiate” and “Junior” for membership.


How does it work?

Members may choose to perform tasks listed in the Eligible Tasks section above or work with committee chairs to perform tasks that fill a more immediate need (these tasks must also receive board approval to receive credit toward the volunteer hour minimum).  Once an eligible task is performed, members are responsible for submitting the hours associated with completing each task -- every task must be submitted individually even if it is being performed recurrently. Tasks can be submitted via the Volunteer Submission form.

Periodically throughout the year, committee chairs will review and certify the tasks submitted. Members are strongly encouraged to keep track of their volunteer hours, but may request their volunteer hour balance by contacting the Membership & Communications Committee or submitting a request via the Contact MBC form by setting the Subject of Inquiry field to "Volunteer Incentive."

At the end of the membership year, the club Treasurer will issue a refund via check to members who have fulfilled the minimum number of required volunteer hours. (Reminder: membership years run January 1st - December 31st)

What if I need clarification on a task?

Members can reach out to committee chairs for guidance if they are unsure of tasks that need to be completed or how to complete a task. See Club Leadership page for current committee chairs.

Can I get a partial refund if I worked fewer than the required number of hours? 

No.  Members must volunteer a minimum of 16 hours and non-board member committee chairs must do 8 hours in order to get a refund.  Members are strongly encouraged to keep track of their volunteer hours, but may request their volunteer hour balance by contacting the Membership & Communications Committee or submitting a request via the Contact MBC form by setting the Subject of Inquiry field to "Volunteer Incentive."

Can I apply my refund to my membership dues for the following year?

No.  Refunds will be given toward the end of the membership period via check.

What happens to the refund ($100) if I do not fulfill the minimum hours of volunteering requirement?

If a member does not fulfill the minimum hours of volunteering, the refund amount will become part of the club’s general operating fund when the new membership year starts on January 1st. 

Who are the committee chairs?

See Club Leadership page.

Still have questions?

Fill out the Contact MBC form with the Subject of Inquiry as "Volunteer Incentive".



Sign up to receive relevant club communication straight to your email inbox by following the Email Sign Up button below.


Communication for members primarily takes place through our "Team App" website and smartphone app. Please ensure you are registered and actively checking for updates. There is an ability to have push notifications to your phone and emails received that is suggested to be enabled for all members. Please follow the instructions under registration information to register for "Team App". Alumni are encouraged to register for access on "TeamApp" in order to stay in touch with the club. 


Members are able to private message other members, as well as message all of their program's participants directly via this application.


Accessing "TeamApp" looks different for various members of the MBC community. Fully paid adult members will have full access to the club site, however junior members, junior parents, and alumni may have some functions disabled as appropriate.

US Rowing Anchor


All active members are responsible for maintaining USRowing membership and wavier status, regardless if you choose to race. USRowing members can add multiple club codes (e.g., a University team plus MBC). Below are instructions for USRowing membership and waivers:


  1. Visit the USRowing Membership Portal, select “Individuals.”

  2. New USRowing members should click Join, existing members use the Member menu for both renewal and waivers.

  3. Our club verification code is NTBQ4.

  4. If you have previously signed an electronic USRowing waiver, your athlete’s information profile will appear. Check for accuracy/edit as needed, “sign” the waiver.

  5. "Basic Membership" is required for most members. For those planning to compete at USRowing Championship Regattas or National Team Selection Events you must join and pay for “Basic + Regatta” or Championship membership.  MBC Coaches must join and pay for "Basic + Coaches" or Championship membership.

  6. The payment screen is the last step of the process, whether you are renewing your membership or joining for the first time. You will receive an email invoice on your membership.


If you have trouble with the membership process, call USRowing at: (609) 751-0706 or email For more information on membership, visit

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