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ABOUT Anchor


Founded in 1870, MBC is a non-profit athletic organization dedicated to promoting health and excellence through the sport of rowing.

Located on the shores of Raspberry Island and surrounded by the Mississippi River, the Minnesota Boat Club offers its members a truly unique setting. Centrally located in the heart of downtown Saint Paul, visiting the boathouse is very convenient. Once there, members can enjoy the cityscape of downtown Saint Paul or escape to the natural beauty and wildlife of the Mississippi River and Minnesota River with access to Pike Island, Crosby Farm State Park and historic Fort Snelling.


As a guest of the Minnesota Boat Club, we encourage you to learn more about our organization, its history, programs, up-coming events and how you can become a part of the tradition, excellence, and fun that is the Minnesota Boat Club.


Our Mission

Minnesota Boat Club strives to promote health and excellence through the sport of rowing by providing quality facilities, instruction, and equipment to members for fitness, recreation, and competitive use. Minnesota Boat Club supports the community through its membership programs and learn to row opportunities.




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