150 YEARS...



September 10th

7:00 - 9:00 PM

Informal gathering for alumni and friends at MBC on the veranda.

September 11th

7:00 - 11:00 AM

Rowing on the Mississippi -- Pike Island Challenge (9 miles) & 1K Exhibition Race
Race registration closes on September 10th, 2021 at 9PM.

3:00 - 7:00 PM

Alumni & Member Reunion Gathering at MBC   (RSVP Required)
- Miriam Baer row-by memorial.
- A few short remarks from MBC alumni and members.
- Time to reminisce with your teammates and coaches.
Food and beverage will be provided.

September 12th

10:00 - 11:30 AM

MBC Boathouse tours on Raspberry Island.
- Guided tours start at 10:00, 10:30 & 11:00.
- Tours meet in the MBC parking lot.
- No RSVP needed.



The Minnesota Boat Club (MBC) is taking steps to ensure the health and safety of everyone participating in the Pike Island Challenge and 1000M Exhibition Race.  With Ramsey County designated as “High” for COVID-19 Community Transmission by the Atlanta Center for Diseases Control (CDC), we are following the recommended masking and social distance guidelines for public indoor and crowded outdoor settings by requiring all individuals, regardless of their vaccination status, on Raspberry Island to wear their mask at all time except for drinking or eating and follow social distance whenever possible during the event.

Individuals rowing in the Pike Island Challenge and/or 1000M Exhibition Race may remove their mask once they are on the water.  Officials and staffs in launches may also remove their mask once they are on the water.

If, within the 14 days before you coming to the event, you have tested positive or presumptively positive for COVID-19, experienced any COVID-19 related symptoms or been in direct contact with or in the immediate vicinity of any person who is confirmed or suspected of being infected with COVID-19, please do not participate in the event.




For 150 years, the Minnesota Boat Club (MBC) has been rowing on the Mississippi River.  Since 1870, the boat club has resided on Raspberry Island between the downtown riverfront and the west side of St. Paul under the Wabasha Street bridge.  Throughout the years, the Minnesota Boat Club has had to reinvent itself.

In 1870 there were two rowing clubs on the island. Early on they joined forces and became MBC, rising to national prominence.  Shortly after World War II, the boat club’s membership dwindled to the point where they had to return a portion of Raspberry Island to the City of St. Paul to pay back taxes.  Membership grew in the mid-50s and since then, the boat club have regained its competitiveness and notoriety in the rowing community.  At the turn of the 21st century, the boathouse, which was built in 1913, underwent significant renovation to support current club rowing programs. 


Minnesota Boat Club's revenue is earned when the Great Room, on the upper floor, is rented out for weddings and corporate gatherings. With the restrictions put in place due to COVID-19, this essential revenue stream was impaired.  


To celebrate 150 year of rowing, and assure MBC's future, the boat club has launched a major campaign to raise $1,500,000. Donations can be directed to bolster our three endowment funds. The endowments include the Building fund, Operations fund and Miriam Baer Youth Rowing fund. In addition to the permanent endowments, donors have the opportunity to direct their contribution(s) by having a name of their choosing added to a sweep oar, a set of sculling oars, or a seat. These monies will go directly toward maintaining our aging fleet and replacement after their useful life.