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Registration is full for the 2020 season, but is still accepting waitlist applicants.

Each session meets 8 times, on  M, W & Th. 

The first 5 days are 1 1/2 hrs (6-7:30 p.m.); the final 3 days are 2 hours (6-8 p.m.).

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If you've always wanted to join a rowing team, this class is the place to start.  You can be introduced to all aspects of rowing technique in your 8 day class, and then spend the rest of your life improving!

Although there is no obligation to join the club, we will teach this class as if you are planning to continue rowing.

We will start by teaching you good technique, and then (in the nicest possible way!) making sure you use it.

We will also consistently use "real" rowing terminology so that if you do continue, you will already speak the language.  Understanding what your coach wants you to do is an essential first step towards being able to do it.

Classes begin with some instruction on our indoor rowing machines, progress to our stable training boat and conclude with time in a real, eight person rowing shell.

This class might be a good fit for you if you agree with many of these statements:

  • I've always wanted to try rowing.

  • I love a challenge.

  • I really want to get some specific coaching and learn proper technique.

  • I'm interested in learning the correct terminology.

  • I'd like to gain enough skill to actually get a good workout.

  • I'm pretty athletic.

  • I'm looking for a new sport.

  • I have good mobility and can lift 30-50 pounds.

  • I won't be happy unless I get to actually carry some boats down to the water.

  • I rowed a long time ago, but about all I remember is that I liked it.

  • If I find out I love rowing, I would have the time & resources to join the Minnesota Boat Club and continue rowing as a member of the Novice team.​


Other Classes and Membership

After your 8 day class, you are invited to try rowing with our Novice team on the Monday, Wednesday &/or Thursday of the first week of Novice practice in August.  This optional week is included in the course fee, and typically about 3/4 of our students do it.

After successfully completing your class, you will have the minimum skills necessary to become a member of the Minnesota Boat Club's Novice Team.

The Novice Team conveniently meets on the same evenings and times as our introductory classes.  If you find out you love rowing, become a member ($390 additional through December 31, 2020) and come row as often as possible!  Last year some of our students who became members even competed against other Novices during our fall racing season.


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