Novice Team

The novice team supports those that are new to rowing or returning to the sport after some time away. Most of our "learn-to-row" graduates row for 1-2 years on the novice team to hone their skills in anticipation of racing.  The novice team meets at 6 p.m. on M, W & Th.

On the novice team you will get exposure to sculling and learn about racing. You'll have an opportunity to row with experienced rowers from the masters team, and learn more advanced technique beyond what is taught in our "learn-to-row" classes.​


"Learn-to-row" graduate or prior rowing experience

Sign Up:

Once you are registered use the club wiki to sign up at - each week by Sunday night. This  allows your coach to assign  boats and plan for the week ahead.  If you need to cancel and it is 24 hours out, just write cancel by your name on the  wiki. If you need to cancel less than 24 hours before practice text your coach, directions are on the wiki.


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